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When social factors do not improve learning: different disruptions across neurodegenerative disease

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"People are social beings and want interaction and social learning is the primary form of learning, just as word of mouth advertising is the highest form of advertising."  Stephen Covey...

Dementia across the world: Adaptation or Innovation?

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There is a problematic disjunction in dementia research: by 2050, it is estimated that most people living with dementia will reside in countries where there is lower economic development (Alzheimer...

Improving the Quality of Life of Black American Dementia Pairs

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Kalisha Bonds Johnson's Grandmother I wanted to share a personal story, which has shaped how I see the world, the care I provide as a clinician, and the research I...

Current challenges for dementia caregiving in Latin America: the role of Brain Health Diplomacy

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Photo credited to: Mehmet Turgot Kirgoz on Unsplash In the Academy Award-winning film The Father, we see Anthony Hopkins’ character struggling with symptoms of dementia. He repeatedly  loses sense of...

Gender and socio-economic differences in modifiable risk factors for dementia throughout the life course

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There are pervasive gender inequalities in modifiable risk factors for dementia, which place women at a disadvantage throughout the life course. Further, gender and socioeconomic inequalities intersect, rendering women more...

Developing a digital version of a dementia care training course during the COVID-19 pandemic in Tokyo, Japan

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The COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately impacts on people living with dementia. Social measures against COVID-19, such as isolation and restricted visiting in care homes and nursing homes, negatively impact on psychosocial...

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