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WYLD: A network of passionate, young professionals working across disciplines and borders to develop innovative dementia solutions.

Fresh Perspectives

Bringing creative brainstorming, fresh perspectives, and novel solutions to the dementia field.

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Incorporating the latest innovations in technology and research to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

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Providing a platform for idea exchange and shared projects to enable a culture of collaboration among the next generation of leaders in dementia.

Latest News & Blogs

Does diet have a role to play in dementia prevention in low- and middle-income countries?

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Photo credit: Tijana - As there is still no cure for dementia, reducing our risk of cognitive decline in later life through dementia prevention strategies becomes increasingly important. Dementia...

The Singapore Environmental Assessment Tool: An International Collaboration

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A decade ago, I undertook a research project that looked at what factors helped people positively adapt to entering an aged care facility. During this time,I came across a literature...

Remembering What I Have Forgotten

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‘I am anxious that I will make mistakes.’ This is just one of the many diary entries in ‘Remembering What I Have Forgotten’: a diary written from the perspective of...

The case for trauma-informed dementia care

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Photo credited to Pxfuel: Up to 70% of us will experience a psychologically traumatic event in our lives. Traumatic events are those that threaten our safety and overwhelm our...

Can we teach old drugs new tricks to prevent dementia?

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Picture credit to: There are 54 million people living dementia worldwide. It is projected that this number will grow to 130 million people with dementia by 2050, and there...

‘Dementia in a changing world’. The 30th Alzheimer Europe Conference goes virtual: throwback to three days of inspiration, motivation and ambition

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A poster for the 30th Alzheimer Europe Conference 2020 From the 20th of October to the 22nd  of October the 30th Alzheimer Europe Conference ‘Dementia in a changing world’ took...

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