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We are on the lookout for leaders to support the growth of WYLD across various functions. Check below for opportunities.

The World Young Leaders in Dementia (WYLD) Network is a voluntary network of passionate young professionals, working across disciplines and borders to develop innovative dementia solutions. The network structure is broken into two main categories – the global teams and the regional & local teams. WYLD has four Working Units: Strategy and Growth; Content and Policy; Outreach and Capacity Building; and Memberships and Engagement.

Interested in joining us but don’t see an open role below? Reach out to us to explore how you can get involved.


Join us and help create a better world for those living with dementia, their families and their communities.

Enabling Idea Exchange & Collaboration

Gain Fresh Perspective & Insight

Tackling Dementia with a ‘Glocal’ Approach

Is This You ?

Inspired & Proactive Members

We are a growing structure and are always on the look out for members who are inspired and proactive in helping to advance WYLD’s mission.

Joining the network would mean that you are interested in bringing something to the table – this could be time, resources, ideas, knowledge or new projects that can benefit from the input of other members of WYLD.

How You Can Get Involved ?

Here’s how you can get involved as a WYLD Member:

Collaborate with Members & The Network

Have a project you’re working on and want input from WYLD members? Want to contribute your expertise by helping the ongoing projects on the network? Check out the ongoing WYLD Projects or submit yours for others to contribute to.


Written articles and blog posts and would like to share your content with the network ? Interested in sharing your experience or expertise on a certain topic?

Submit your content to WYLD’s News Blog.

Keep Us

Keep us updated with the latest events and happenings around you. Have an interesting event, conference or news happening in your community that you think we should feature ? Share it with us so that we can let the network know.

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Here’s how you can get involved as a WYLD Member
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