Youth awareness of dementia is a key priority for WYLD and network members are leading projects in different countries to inform the younger generation about dementia as well as encouraging them to take action.

Find the different initiatives that have been set up by WYLD members in their local communities:



Led By: Daisy Robson (UK)

Daisy Robson (UK) is leading a project on behalf of Alzheimer’s Society and in partnership with the Scout Association called ‘A Million Hands’.

The four year programme will enable young people to take social action on dementia in their local community as part of working towards the Scout Community Impact badge. Scouts will learn more about dementia, link with people affected by dementia and give their time and energy to help reduce isolation and stigma in their community.

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Marjolein van der Marck

Led By:
Anja Leist (LU)
Marjolein van der Marck (NL)

Anja Leist (LU) and Marjolein van der Marck (NL) are designing a dementia awareness workshop for adolescents aged 14 – 18 years that includes talks, quizzes, group discussions and guest speakers.

They will be delivered in early 2017 in Luxembourg and, if successful, translated to other countries.

The aims of the workshop are to increase knowledge on dementia, to raise awareness and to explain the impact of dementia for those affected and their loved ones. They will also provide guidance on how young people can support persons living with dementia to manage their daily routines and to increase their well-being.



Founded By: Melissa Chan (SG)

Melissa Chan (SG) is Founder of Project We Forgot (PWF) – a digital community of support for young caregivers to persons with dementia. The platform connects individuals and situations through personal stories; the real human aspects of the illness, the emotional roller coaster, the humour involved and all the other facets that make up the journey as a caregiver.

Focusing largely on the pillars of awareness and advocacy of dementia among the young, the initiative educates on the impact of dementia on those affected and their family members. They are also campaigning and building a space of identification for young caregivers who may be caring for a parent or a grandparent with dementia.


Founded By: Caitlin Johnston (CA)

Purple Elephant is a nonprofit organization that is changing the way young people think about Alzheimer’s disease on a global scale.

Our commitment and passion is to empower young people and inspire our communities to be agents of change. Our organization works to help provide in-home caregiving relief to individuals and families whose lives have been impacted while caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Our members, “The Purple Tribe” are active in the community, standing in unity as we raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. Our ultimate goal is a world where Alzheimer’s is but a distant memory.


Led By: Kristine Newman (CA)

Kristine Newman (CA) organised a Youth Dementia Awareness Symposium in on 30 September 2016 in Toronto which brought together high school and university students and people working across the world on youth engagement with dementia. Participants discussed how youth currently learn about dementia and the best ways to reach a youth audience and sough to understand youths’ perceptions about dementia as told through the media and popular culture. The event was a collaboration between the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, Faculty of Community Services, Ryerson University, AGE-WELL, and Alzheimer ’s Disease International.

A video of the sessions can be viewed here.