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Riona McArdle

2nd July 2020

Can scientists improve how they diagnose dementia with Lewy bodies?

Dementia conditions are very common, presenting in around 7% of people over the age of…
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25th June 2020

Recognising technology needs among older adults and people with dementia

When was the last time you did not use any technology for a whole day?…
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18th June 2020

The outlook of a mild cognitive impairment diagnosis: disease-specific symptoms may forewarn of decline

For each person living with a dementia diagnosis, the journey can be very different, and…
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Example of a cartoon highlighting the importance of respectful language when speaking to or about people with dementia
11th June 2020

Forget dementia, remember the person! Breaking down stigma to move forward towards an inclusive society in Flanders (Belgium)

When we focus on the capacities of people with dementia instead of their limitations, their…
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4th June 2020

The Digital Aid Project – a toolset for long-term care facilities during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, all eyes turned to acute hospitals, where medical staff…
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FF cover
28th May 2020

Fear of dementia: how it affects our wellbeing and what we can do about it

“Thinking about dementia, I feel a lurch in my stomach, an anxiety in my gut.…
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21st May 2020

International COVID-19 end-of-life care guidance for nursing homes leaves key themes unaddressed

COVID-19’s death rate is disproportionally higher in nursing homes, creating enormous pressures to deliver high-quality…
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14th May 2020

Material Citizenship: Functional objects can support meaningful activities for people with dementia living in care homes during Covid-19

I am passionate about conducting applied research that seeks to improve the experiences of those…
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